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Getting Started

Maple simplifies healthcare facility scheduling for internal staff and agency bookings. Facilities decide which agencies to work with, and Maple sends shifts to the agency platform. Both sides benefit: facilities get better fill rates, and agencies can provide more shift options.

Maple Integration API has two essential components: the REST API and webhooks.


Agencies use the API to, for example, create shifts. Note that Maple has the concept of "shift ownership." Only the owner is allowed to, for example, edit the shift. The owner is transient. For example, if an agency creates a shift, but the facility scheduler assigns an in-house worker, the facility becomes the shift owner.

To authenticate with the API, set the x-api-key header with your API key:

curl -X 'GET' \
'[SHIFT_ID]' \
-H 'x-api-key: [YOUR_MAPLE_API_KEY]'

Your Maple API key is sensitive and must be kept secure at all times.

Next steps:


Maple sends real-time webhooks to agencies when, for example, shifts change status or the scheduler removes a worker from a shift.

For documentation, see our Webhooks guide.